Not just another training tool

WearBands is a sound strategy to include in training, especially speed & agility.  Biomechanics are not disrupted and I get accommodating resistance over l a longer period of time, which increases acceleration characteristics.

Lee "TheSpeed Guy" Taft

Best Training Aid

I'm a basketball coach, trainer and father. I use this device on my own kids and the kids I train. It's simply the best device I have used to help with speed, agility and those fast twitch muscles. Simply put, if you want a higher performance out of your athletes, try it.


Love it. So Fun!

After only a few weeks, I feel stronger and can tell the difference.  I love that the bands can be used for so many different workouts.

Meghan, Crossfitter

Best Everyday Workout

I love WearBands. The versatility of the product amazes me. Whether you're at the gym lifting or in your house vacuuming, you can put them on and get an incredible workout in.



I am ready to try for myself!

Get More Results From Any Workout

Simple Safe Effective

Constant Tension = More Results

WearBands™ constant tension reaches and activates more muscles for a longer period of time, resulting in more strength, more muscle endurance, more cardio, a better physique and more calorie/fat burn…from any workout. In less time. It's your workout time...get the most out of it.

Simple to Use

  • On and off in 60 seconds or less.
  • The bands will never get in your way
  • There are absolutely no restrictions on what you can do in them.

Effective and Safe

WearBands™ quality materials and safety features deliver a highly effective and safe workout.

  • All hardware is securely attached to the connection rings.
  • Highest quality latex bands.
  • Thousands of customers, never an injury!

What it means for fitness

  • Get Fitter Faster…anywhere, doing anything.
  • Less reps, less time, more results.
  • More calorie/fat burn from any exercise.
  • A better, more toned physique (the ultimate booty & leg developer!)
  • Never plateau.

What it means for Atheletes

  • Accelerated strength gains.
  • Improved muscle endurance.
  • More efficient, quicker movement.
  • Improved vertical.
  • Improved functional speed.

In the Lab

  • Increases muscle engagement by up to 30%.
  • Increases cardio demand by over 10%.
  • Increases calorie burn up to 20%.
  • Stimulates neuromuscular system for improved coordination.
  • Biomechanically sound resistance with zero additional impact.


Get more results from any and every workout


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